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Kind words...

"I so appreciate all the hard work and understanding of my "vision" for the new home.  You are amazing to work with." ~ Cecelia (construction consultation and interior design)

 "We love the layout of the living room - it's just perfect.  Jim says he thinks it's his favorite room now... even with the big screen TV in the other room!" ~ Lynn (new condo/ move in arrangement)

"I secretly wondered what you'd be able to do with my raw materials.  Not only were Joan and I surprised and quite pleased but neither of us would have thought to arrange the room like that so you are indeed a resounding success!" ~ Gene (one-day makeover)

"I'm sitting here, as the snow comes down on Sunday morning, in my beautiful home thinking this is exactly the way I wanted it to turn out.  I got to show my place off to a bunch of relatives this weekend.  They're asking who the wonder woman is who did all this and want your name.  It's just terrific.  I'm greatly enjoying it.  Thank you very much." ~ Russ (total home decorating)

"I was very impressed with the changes in the two rooms.  Lee and I have been using both now.  Also several friends and relatives have come by and expressed how amazed they were with it.  Indeed it is "homey"  Thanks a lot." ~ Carol (one-day makeover)

"Thank you so much for all your help on our house and Canyon Creek.  Everything looks so nice and they are getting a lot of compliments on the decorating.  You did an excellent job." ~ Karen (home accessorizing and model home staging)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did with our art hanging and mirrors plus some other touches.  I'm sure that you don't need any referrals, but in case - we would be happy to oblige.  If I need any more advice, I will call you." ~ Joy (new condo/move in arrangement)

 "Thank you for your wonderfully clever ideas.  I look forward to more of your expert advice."  ~ Sandy (interior design and decorating)

 "I am just delighted with this bathroom - it's wonderful!  What a huge improvement.  I'm extremely happy with it and I thank you." ~ Russ (bathroom remodel)