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Relocation Services

 Bloom where you are planted. ~ Proverb Quote

 Whether you are relocating, downsizing or building a new home, moving is inevitably a stressful event. By choosing In Home Design's relocation services your move-in will be far less overwhelming. After the movers leave, Molly will creatively arrange your furniture, art and accessories quickly and effectively in their new spaces.

Downsizing  Careful planning and an objective eye are necessary to successfully downsize your home and belongings. It's not easy to pick and choose what to keep after years of collecting and living in an established home. Don't be discouraged! Molly is skilled at gracefully editing households for smaller spaces.  She will partner with you to make smart decisions for your move while keeping in mind how important it is for your new space to still feel like home.

Blended Households  These homes gain from the objective eye of an Interior Arranger.  Blending two styles and personal belongings from two households can be tricky!  We all have sentimental attachments and pre-set ideas that are often hard but necessary to adjust.  In Home Designs can solve these design dilemmas by bringing order to diverse collections and furnishings through professional placement.  Molly will help you edit your choices and successfully arrange your new home to reflect everyone in the household.