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  One-Day Home Makeover

 It's not what you have, it's where you put it.

 The one-day home makeover by In Home Designs will bring beauty to your home through the artful placement of your personal selections of furniture, art and accessories. 

Molly recognizes the importance of your daily lifestyle in the design of your rooms and will thoroughly consider your individual requirements starting with a pre-makeover evaluation. 

 On the day of your appointment Molly will transform your rooms in your absence. It’s the perfect opportunity to schedule a day for yourself, pampering you and your home at the same time. 

You will be welcomed back to a “new home,"  professionally arranged according to interior arrangement and design principles that use architectural cues to determine furniture, lighting and accessory placement.

This creative transformation will leave your home ready for entertaining or a simple evening to yourself.  A beautiful home that tells your story... in just one day!


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