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 Interior Arrangement and Re-Design

 In Home Designs is founded on the firm belief that your home should be a reflection of yourself. 

 Interior arrangement (also known as Interior Re-Design) is an innovative and distinct service that recognizes the importance of this sentiment by celebrating your personal and unique choices in furniture, art and accessories.  Molly has the objective eye necessary to transform your rooms from predictable to exceptional, common to distinguished through the creative placement of your existing furnishings.  Rooms that looked tired and cluttered after years of accumulating are refreshed and rejuvenated through interior arrangement.  With this contemporary design philosophy you will avoid unnecessary purchases of new items making it an affordable alternative to traditional interior design service.

Browse our portfolio of re-design opportunities and One-Day Home Makeover results.  Each Before and After scenario presents different challenges and situations unique to the homeowner - from downsizing to upsizing, new rooms with old belongings to old rooms with new things. 

 Goals for successful re-design of your home:

 recognize & define your personal style ~ affirm & enhance your existing home furnishings ~ rejuvenate, enrich & complete with additional items & suggestions